Monday, July 23, 2007

Jam packed weekend

Wow! What a weekend I have had. It actually started on Thursday in Arlington. Matt's company was having a three day meeting there and so we had a hotel room by the ballpark. So Thursday after work I drove over there. That evening while the men were in a dinner meeting, myself and one of the other wives went to dinner. Michelle and I went to TGIFridays and had a great time. She is 9 months pregnant and so ready to have her baby girl. It was fun to get to visit and catch up with her. Then off to the hotel. Matt and I somehow got a suite. It was super nice. The next day I went to work and Matt went to meetings. Friday evening his company had a suite at the Ranger game. We were treated to some excellent free food and drinks.I am usually not a huge fan of these events where I have to mingle with people I don't know. But I really enjoyed this one. I visited with lots of other wives and several of his coworkers. I also met someone who is a true Dave Matthews lover like me!!! Not everyone will understand this obsession. Our group ended up shutting down the ballpark. Someone actually had to come to tell us we had to leave! Saturday was busy as well. I slept in and then went home to mow the lawn and get the house clean. It had been awhile for both and it was beginning to gross me out. That evening a few couples from our small group went to Chili's and to the Mesquite Rodeo. A special event at the rodeo that night was Whiplash. It was a cow dog and a monkey. The monkey was all dressed up like and cowboy and rode the dog while the dog corralled sheep into pens. It was hysterical! We had a great time. I love my church and the friends I have made there. Then on Sunday I worked a tournament at Northwood with my friend Martha Ann. It was a ladies team tennis tournament. It was one busy day at the club. By the time I got home I was exhausted and was ready for some much needed sofa time. I only got a few hours of that because then we were off to McKinney to hang out with Leah and Bryan Beck. We went to their house for burgers and then we went bowling. I had one of my best games ever. I bowled a 168! Go me! But the next game was not near as high Oh well, I was proud of the first. So it was a super busy weekend but a super fun one! I definitely need a rest. However, I won't be getting one because this week at tennis camp we have 56 kids!! YIKES! So be thinking about me and my sanity. I will leave you with some pics from the weekend.

At the ranger game. They lost but I didn't! I had a great time.
Whiplash the famous cowboy monkey!!
The girls (Brooke, Lisa, Me, Sara, and Katie) The boys didn't seem to interested in posing for a picture.

Bryan, Leah and Matt. Leah just bowled her first strike of the game!!!

Loving Lubbock

A couple of weeks ago I got to go to Lubbock to visit family and friends. My mom flew me down to spend time with her, Kristin , Jason, and of course Sydney. It was so much fun to be there. We didn't do a whole lot but totally enjoyed just hanging around the house talking and giggling. Sydney has changes so much. She loves to tell all sorts of stories. She is going to be quite the talkative girls. And her smiles are just too precious! She also finally got some bows. Here a picture of the bow head in her Tech jumper.
While I was there I got to visit my bestie Amanda! Her son Davis was turning three that weekend, so bonus for me. I went to his Buzz Lightyear birthday party at 50th street caboose. He loved playing games, especially skee ball. The greatest game ever! I love the Wootens and miss them terribly.

Then I spent all afternoon and evening with my friend Julie. We had an awesome time. We went for ice cream, played gas station lottery scratch off games. It is where you buy a few scratch off tickets. Then if you win any money you cash it in and go to another gas station to buy more and then keep going until you run out of money. We made it to two gas stations, which I think is pretty good. No we did not strike the jackpot. Then we went to Sonic to get drinks and back to her house to visit with her mom and sister. Finally, we got hungry and went out to Louhans for a yummy Mexican dinner. We had so much fun just being together. Hopefully I will see her in August at her next Supers tournament.

I had a most amazing time in Lubbock. I am so blessed by my friends and family. I love you guys and I love Lubbock!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Look at those sweet faces!

Just some sweet pictures of my puppies. This first one I took while I was laying in bed. Deuce had jumped up and put her head on me. It was so sweet. I think she was dying for some attention. And then little Dublin, begging to get up on the bed. She still hasn't quite mastered the jump. So when I don't want to pull her up she doesn't get to come.
This is the hardest thing to capture. Both of them together and still!
Deuce loves her toys. Please play with me, anyone?

Happy 4th of July

Matt and I had a great 4th of July celebration. It actually started the night before. We had a sleepover with Claire and Caroline. We got to their house just in time to watch Parent Trap with them. When I say watch, I just mean that the tv was on. We had a great time visiting and giggling! The next morning it was up early to go get ready for the parade. Claire and Caroline rode their bikes in the first part. Carrie and I walked beside them to refill the candy baskets!

After a short ride, we found Matt and Russ and watched the rest of the parade together. It was a lot of fun waving my flag and cheering. We also collected a good amount of candy and goodies from the different floats. Claire's favorite float was the bubble float. Mine were all the floats with the puppies! Imagine that!

After the parade Matt and I went home to rest for awhile. We met back up with everyone that evening for dinner and fireworks at the country club. I have to say that this has been one of my best 4th's in a long time. Thanks to Carrie, Russ, Caroline and Claire for sharing the fun with us!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Our Country Date

After a busy couple of weeks with Matt being out of town and then having company we decided it was time for a date!! It was my night to plan so I went with a country theme. We started the night by going to Western Warehouse to get Matt a new cowboy outfit. I went as his city girl! Then we went to dinner at the Cowboy Chicken on Greenville. They are famous for their rotiserrie chicken enchiladas and twice baked potatoes. It was delicious! To finish off our meal we had homemade peach cobbler. Yummy. Then it was off to the Mesquite Rodeo. It was fun watching the real coyboys do their thing! All in all I think it was a great date and Matt loved it! When we got home I made him let me take his picture since he was all dressed up. I will post them but don't give him too hard of a time!!
What a hottie!!!!

Cousin Camp 2007

Cousin camp has become a tradition in our family over the past 4 years. There are 9 of us ranging from the ages 9-29. Our ages do not mean anything when we are together. We all get along great and love being with each other. This year everyone came to my house. We spent a lot of time hanging out at the house, shopping at the malls, and eating due to the rain! However, it did let up long enough for us to enjoy a day at Hawaiian Falls. It was a blast! I am truly blessed with the family I have. I can't wait for next year's Cousin Camp. Here is a pic of everyone. Nathan, Noel, Autumn, and Corinne spent most of the rainy time lounging on the sofas watching Hannah Montana! I thought for awhile they had become permanent structures in the living room!
Here's a picture of everyone at Chili's. Starting from the left and making the way around the table, Kristin, baby Sydney, Me, Aunt Dianne, Noel, Nathan, Aunt Brenda(mom), Corinne, Autumn, Natalie, and Nat's boyfriend Jason.

And a cute picture of me and my sis!! Love her to death. I can't wait to see her again.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sweet Sydney

This past week my mom, sister, and niece, Sydney came in town. We were having cousin camp the following weekend, but they came early so we could hang out and I could get some good quality Sydney time. She is absolutely the most adorable baby ever! She was such a trooper. Going shopping for hours, driving all over Dallas, sitting at the pool while I worked, and just lounging at the house. She hardly fussed at all. Just occasionally at night we she was just ready to be in bed. I think we all were ready for bed some nights. Here are a few pics of the angel.
One evening Sydney and I were laying on my bed and she had so much to tell me. I can't wait for days when we will be able to talk and understand eachother. It is going to be so much fun! Sleepovers at Aunt Andi's!!!Smiling for the camera! What a cutie!! My aunt Dianne got her the outfit she is wearing. Under the zebra it says wild one. Shout out to the Wildners!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Summer Fun

My new favorite summer place is Hawaiian Falls. It is a small water park in Garland. I started going with Amy and her kiddos and now try to find any reason to go. I have always been a water baby and I still am!! Here are a few pictures of me, Emily, and Ellie. We were taking a quick break while Amy and Blake raced down a slide.

Long time ago Lone Star Park

Several weeks ago, yes it has been that long since I posted, Matt and I attended that horse races. Our friends, Zan and Kris Jayroe had a box and invited a group of people to hang out with them. It was a blast!!! We spent the day eating, and talking. I met some new people but mainly got to catch up with one of my favorite people, Zan. The races were fun to watch but needless to say Matt and I did not strike it rich with any of our bets. I did pick one winner but didn't make much money seeing as we only put a few dollars down!!

And I just think this picture is hillarious. We look like such a cute family. But I'm sure everyone knows that this is not really my family!! I am holding Zan's sweet baby, Belle, and next to me is Matt's cousin Josh. My most wonderful husband was taking the picture!

It was a great day at the races!! Thank you Zan and Kris.