Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A wonderfully busy weekend

Family time, graduations, and friends. What a great weekend. Matt and I were super busy a couple of weekends ago. We spent Friday with my Uncle Bruce, Aunt Nancy and their girls, Corinne, Noel, and Autumn. Bruce just took a preaching job in the Woodlands so it was neat to be the first to see there new place. Friday I spent the day with Nancy looking at houses. Then that evening we ate dinner and hung out. I love spending time with them.
Me and my Aunt Nancy. Do we look worn out from a day full of looking at houses. There are so many to look at. I even found myself some that I could move in to!!
Autumn and I after dinner. Bruce was dying to take our picture. He got a new phone and was picture happy so I had to take one with my camera too!!
Noel and I in the car on the way to lunch. We ate at the Sweet Tomato, her choice. It was very yummy!

Saturday was spent in Houston for Kyle's graduation from law school. He and Matt have been best friends since high school.
After the graduation we, Matt and I and all of Kyle's family, went to his apartment and hung out by the pool. Sorry no pictures from there. I am not quite in swimsuit shape yet!! Later that evening we went to a party for Kyle and his study partner Tammy. Not quite what I pictured for a study partner. Below is a picture of the two most beautiful lawyers!!
And the most beautiful couple !! Ha!
It was Kyle's birthday so we celebrated with the most delicious cupcakes ever! This is Molly, Mrs. Spout and I indulging in the yumminess.After the dinner one of Kyle's friends rented a limo for everyone to cruise the town. Sadly, Matt and I are either old or just not the partying type. We just rode with everyone to the first stop and then had the limo take us to our car. It was still a lot of fun.

Sunday we went to church with Bruce and the girls and then we had to hit the road. It was a great weekend but we had to say so long Sam Houston!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Technology Today

Crazy!! As I type Matt and I are driving to Houston and I am posting a blog on the Internet. I think it is so wild how we can basically be connected to whatever we want. I can talk on the phone to someone in another country and it sound like they are right next to me. I can check my email while driving. It is just crazy how technology has changed. I can still remember when cell phones were just coming into existence. I didn't even have my own cell phone until college and now every kid seems to have one. Anyways, I just thought it was cool that I could post a blog while riding in the car and off on a tangent I went. I should have tons to blog about after this weekend. We are off to visit my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Nancy and my cousins, Corinne, Noel, and Autumn. Then we will celebrate Kyle's graduation from law school. So be checking back soon!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Cinco de Mayo!

Matt and I love to entertain so with the independence of Mexico coming up we thought it would be a great reason to party. So we threw a Cinco de Mayo party for our Sunday School class. Fajitas, Queso, Guacamole, Chips, Pinata, and Friends. What more could you ask for?!
Michael and Brooke Hall, Brooke, Matt, and Anderson Cole. The Cole's oldest boys were too busy playing on the bounce house and video games to get still enough for a photo. They were so much fun to have . Super cute and super sweet. They brought me hand painted pots of cilantro and pepper. I just love having little kids around. Casey and Casey McCollum. They were such partiers that night. After attending ours they were off to another. What a bundle of energy they are.

And of course, Jeff and Lisa. We could not have pulled this party off without them. They came over a couple hours early and helped me stay sane getting everything ready. Matt and Jeff made three trips to the grocery store within one hour!! Thanks guys. Lisa was a life saver. It is crazy to think that I just met her this year. She is an amazing friend. And last but not least. Some pinata action. I have some movie clips but I do not know how to add them. So this will have to do. The boys destroyed the donkey and took home a great big bag of candy.

All in all I think we celebrated the independence of Mexico in a very great fashion. It was so fun to have our house filled with friends.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

White Rock and Roll 5 mile

My first official race. Most of you know that I have enjoyed running for some time. I used to run religiously but have slacked off in the recent years. I just recently became motivated again. So when I saw a race coming up this weekend I decided to go for it. I figured it would either keep me motivated or do the opposite. Well, it worked. I totally enjoyed the race. Except the beginning where there are way to many people all trying to push ahead to get to the front. Along the course were bands playing at about every mile. Some were pretty good, while a few were not so good for my taste. There were also cheerleaders from high schools there doing cheers. "Keep those legs moving! You can do it! Go Runners!"I was excited because I met my goal. I ran the race right at an 8:30 pace. And of course my biggest fan, Matt, was waiting at the finish line. What a great way to start a Saturday morning.

Me waiting at the start line.

And they're off!!! I finished!!

One last picture to mark the event.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Out and about in Abilene!

This past weekend was a blast. It was filled with family, friends and fun!! There were quite a lot of people involved to make this a great weekend. First of course, my awesome parents. They let their house become a hotel. It was a house full and there was no complaining about all the messes we made. The house would even miraculously clean itself while we were gone. I think we owe that to the magic mom!!

Kristin, Jason, and sweet Sydney also came for the weekend. It was Sydney's first time to meet her Uncle Matt. She had already heard a ton about him but she wanted to find out for herself.
Of course she loved him and he the same. But note how she already is throwing the first punch. You better watch out Uncle Matt!!!

Then there are my ACU tennis friends. We spent Saturday morning playing tennis and having a blast. Every year when I come back for the alumni and I reminded of how blessed I was to be a part of such an amazing program. I was also lucky to have the best coach ever. Hutton knows how to have a good time but also is a great role model showing that living for Jesus is amazing.

I also got to see my friend Julie. I was Julie's high school coach last year in Frenship. She is definitely the little sister I never had. Crazy to think that in just over a year two people whose ages are quite different can become so close! Julie and I played doubles together at the alumni tournament and we kicked bootie!!! And then I played the most amazing set of singles ever against the number one girl. I only lost 6-4. I have never been so proud of losing!!!
Anyways, back to Jules. Matt and I drug her around ACU giving her a most in-depth tour. What a trouper!! It was so good to spend some good quality time with her. Julie Bell-I love you!!

And of course we cannot go to Abilene without seeing the Scott, Wendy and Casen Kilmer. We went to Highland Sunday morning. And what always follows: Fuji's!!!! The whole crew (dad, Julie, Jason, Sydney, Kristin, Mom, Matt, Wendy, Scott, Casen is hidden, and me taking the picture!) What a great way to end a fantastic weekend.