Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A baby is brewing!!!!

Matt and I are expecting our first baby on July 31st! We are so excited. I am 16 1/2 weeks along and I feel great. I feel very lucky to have been blessed with a great pregnancy so far. The best thing about this is that I have an appetite for the first time! It is great and comical to those who know me. Here is our journey thus far.

Baby at about 8 weeks. Baby at about 9 or so weeks.

Baby at a little over 11 weeks. I love the sweet nose! Above the nose you can see his/her fingers!
Now we don't get to see the baby until March 16th when we find out the sex. However, yesterday we listened to the heartbeat and it was in the upper 147-151 range. Such a beautiful noise! I think I may have felt the baby move the other night but who really knows at this stage. Thank you to all have who have prayed for Matt and I and this sweet baby. Continue to pray that all goes well. Look for a post on March 16th to find out what we are having!!