Monday, June 30, 2008

Sweet Sydney

My sister and Sydney came in town last week to visit. It was so good to spend time with both of them. I am going to miss them like crazy when they go overseas! Sydney got to stay extra which was so much fun for me and Bdub. Kristin and Jason went to Las Vegas, so they had a good time too! Here are some pics of the fun we had.
My dad, or Pops to Syd, feeding the fish. For anyone who has been to the Abilene Zoo, this is crazy!! It is a must see and do.
Sydney may not look like she was having a good time, but don't be fooled! SHe loves the animals.Sydney and myself at the pool. She is such a fish. Very happy splashing and playing in the water.One, two, three...JUMP!!!

I love this sweet girl!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy 117th Birthday DP

We love Dr Pepper! We spent the day in Dublin, TX celebrating DP's birthday with my parents. It was tons of fun and we drank a ton of DP! I think it may become a yearly event for us. There is a 10 2 4 K run that we did not do this year because we didn't want to be sweaty all day, but we found out they had showers. So next year I will add that to my list of things to do to celebrate the best drink!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well we have officially moved to Abilene. We have been in our new house for about two weeks. I have been busy getting everything in its right place. I have just about finished but thought I would go ahead and post some pics.

Master bedroom (above and below)

Master bath (It is little so this is Matt's bathroom, I use the other!)

My bathroom. It is green and brown. I love it!!

The DR PEPPER office. The closet in this room is the coolest. It has built in drawers with shelves and hanging rods. It will come in handy some day!

The guest room! Another of my favorite rooms. Sweet and simple. It is waiting for guests to come. And in the red armoire is a great big TV to enjoy!

My kitchen. It has concrete countertops that I love. And all stainless steel appliances. SO NICE!!!

The dining area
Looking into the den from the dining area. Our sweet new sectional! You can barely see Matt snuggled in "his" spot!
Looking in from the front door.
This is a view from sitting on the sectional. The only thing we haven't done yet is mount our TV on the wall. That is soon to come.
So that is our new home. We cannot wait to have all our friends and family come visit. Just let us know when you want to come!!!!