Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The last couple of weeks in photos!!

The Stars game. Clearly Matt was more interested in the game than taking the picture. They lost again. Every time we go they lose. Could that mean something?!

Christian Services Auction. It was so much fun to be with friends and spend a night dressed up and attending a dinner and auction. We did not win anything, but had a super time!!

The crew from Richardson East Church of Christ

A couple of weeks ago, our best friends from Lubbock came to town. It was so good to see them. We miss them terribly!!!! We love you Wootens. Sadly I only have pics of the kiddos, Davis and Kennedy. I always forget to take pictures of the adults when kids are involved!

Hanging out with Lisa at our place, Desperados. I don't know what Matt and I would do without our Desperados' nights with the Goolsbys!

Some of my kids at school. We are waiting for dismissal. This is the craziest time of the day. I pulled the camera out and they went crazy. They did stay still for this one photo.

Me at the Nasher Sculpture Museum. This was by far one of the weirdest parts of the Museum. Just wanted to share. And yes, I am standing amongst headless statues. Creepy!!

That's all for now!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Jersey, New York, New Experiences

A couple of weekends ago Matt and I went to New Jersey to celebrate a wedding of his friend, Kiran, from high school. Another one his his best friends, Kyle, joined us for the weekend. And since we were in Jersey for the wedding we decided to make an extended vacation and go to NYC for more fun!!
The wedding was such an experience for me. It was a blend of northern and southern India cultures. IT was filled with so many cool things that I don't hardly know how to write about it all. One cool thing was that at the beginning of the wedding the groom rode in on a horse. It was also good luck to have one of his nephews ride with him. While he was riding the rest of the people who were there to support him walked and danced around him to a man beating and singing with a drum. So yes, I danced and chanted through the parking lot to take help Kiran enter to ceremony! The second picture is after the ceremony. Kiran and his new bride Mala, sat up front and you could offer them blessings and then snap a photo for the scrapbook!

The wedding ceremony was full of different traditions. It was all done in sanscript so I really didn't know what was going on. But one of Kiran's aunties sat next to me and told me the signigicance of everything. It was so neat to learn a different culture and how much they believe in commitment and family. After the ceremony there was a break for cocktails, and snacks! The Indian culture definitely believes in food and a lot of it. Then it was time for the reception. More food and tons of dancing! I put a picture of my dinner plate. For those of you that know me well, you know how picky I am with my food. I actually ate most everything you see!! And it was good!

One really cool thing was how all the women painted their hands. They do this at celebrations because it simply looks pretty. Kiran's oldest auntie painted my had before we left. It is done with a henna paste. It comes out a dark brown and then has to dry for 2-3 hours. You can't move or bend the parts that are painted. After it has dried you rub it off, it just flakes off. Then it is an orange color. It will eventually rub or fad away. Mine lasted for about 3 weeks. It was so neat to go back to my school class and show and talk to the kids about my very educational weekend.

Hopefully, I have done the wedding justice. I will follow with another post showing some pictures from the rest of our weekend in NYC!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Birthday Weekend at the Farm

This past weekend we celebrated Mike's 60th birthday at the farm. It was a super fun filled relaxing weekend. It was filled with family, friends, fishing, golfing, shooting, swimming, eating, sleeping, and anything else one might want to do while resting at the farm.

Here are the dogs all packed up ready to go. They were so excited to be going to the Farm. When there, they get to just run free all day. There is so much to explore and get into. It is a dog's heaven!!
The family is full of fishermen, so needless to say we spent most of Saturday fishing! Here is Mike, Colin, Blake and John Wirt catching fish. They said they had the best luck with the pink worm. Who would have thought bass would love the color pink!

And here was the view I got most of the time on my boat. NICE!! I spent the day with Matt and Josh and I just thought this picture was priceless. I hope they don't get mad for me posting this!
I also got to shoot skeet for the first time. Needless to say I am not a natural, but I had a lot of fun!
Matt and Josh did some team shooting and did quite well. What a team those two make. Best buds since they were babies!The best shot of them all was the birthday boy! He showed everybody up.

Here are some pics of the some of the bugs we say while we were there. This one Matt took. It was our greeting to the house when we walked up.
And this was the coolest. I saw this spider web and when I went to take its picture a bug landed on the web and I got to watch it wrap it up for an afternoon snack. It was so fast and precise in the way it worked. Isn't nature cool!

It was a much needed relaxing weekend. Thanks to Mike for having a birthday!!!