Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Job

I have never been so excited about starting a new job as I am for this one. Last week I accepted a position to teach 5th grade Math at James Back Elementary in Garland ISD. I am thrilled. To celebrate the news we(Matt, Josh, Jeff, Lisa, and me) went out to dinner. We went to Margarita Ranch. The boys rode the dart and Lisa and I met them there. It was so fun to visit and eat lots of good food. Here are some pictures of the evening. The first picture is at Caroline's dance recital. Lisa and I attended that before we met the boys. Man you know you have an amazing friend when they will go with you to your niece's recital!
Josh and his imaginary significant other. She is really in Texarkana. He is such a trooper hanging out with a bunch of married folk. He did inform us that we, married people, talk about different things than do single people.
My sweet husband. He is so proud for me. It will be a fun year of us both having to get up early!
The Goolsbys. Dallas wouldn't be the same without them!!

Memorial Weekend

Memorial weekend Matt and I went to Texarkana. It was a great relaxing weekend for everyone. I spent most of my time hanging out with Gayle. We got pedicures, shopped, went to lunch and I even went to a dance recital with her. And I actually enjoyed watching girls dance! Matt's weekend was quite different. He spent most of his free time fishing with his dad, or his cousin Josh. He was in heaven. If only we lived by water and had enough money for a boat and a suv. But maybe someday! Even the dogs had a blast. They love Texarkana. There are no fences so there is more room to run than they know what to do with. They also got to go swimming. Not a very eventful weekend but one of the best I have had in quite some time.

Dublin and Deuce swimming. Most of the time Dublin would try to piggy back on top of Deuce. It was very funny.

Here is a sweet picture of Deuce. She popped her head up on the dock to say hello to us before she took off for another swim. What a cutie!I thought this picture was pretty funny. It looks like Dublin has a row of teeth in her mouth. She loved playing fetch with this ball only. Very picky.

And then a few pictures of Matt fishing. Not a care in the world!!Josh, Gary, and Matt. They fished all day long. They even had lunch served to them by Uncle Jim. We thought they would never get off the boat!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

What to do with old undershirts

I finally bought Matt new undershirts! But what should I do wiht the old ones? Recycle of course!!!